Episode 14 - I've Got a Case of the Mondays

I can't wait to get into a week of fun and laughs on the Matt Sager Podcast, but first we need to talk about this weekend: we lost John McCain AND Neil Simon, plus we had another massacre - this time at a gaming expo.

In happier news, this podcast now has it's own homepage - mattsagerpodcast.com will always direct you to the latest episode, and the complete archives. Mattsagerpodcast.net works, too.

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Episode 5 - The Return

I'm over my infection, and I've watched everything anyone ever posted to YouTube - twice. Two weeks in bed and you start getting a bit stir-crazy. I even discovered a new show from my old employers at Westwood One, and honestly got a straight-up PTSD flashback. It's - not good. I'll strive to do better than Opie Radio at keeping you entertained, now that I'm recovered, rejuvenated and ready to put on a show!

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Episode 4 (Minisode) - What Would Paul Stanley Do?

I’m doing a minisode this week as I recover from a biopsy gone horribly wrong and infected. So, since I sound like modern-day Paul Stanley, I have a few choice words for my fellow New Yorker, who used to adorn my lunchbox, but has outworn his welcome now just kind of sticks in my craw.

I’m also still looking for writers, voice actors, co-hosts and guests - anyone who wants to be part of the Matt Sager Podcast. And, I wouldn’t mind talking to a malpractice attorney either.

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