Watch the Trailer for Lewis Black: The Rant Is Due

The inimitable Lewis Black is a master of saying what we all think - with all the loud, no-nonsense, cynical, world-weary, hilarity that we'd like to say it with. So on his new Audible original series Lewis Black: The Rant Is Due, he finally takes over and does the ranting for us. It sounds like loads of fun to listen to, and I'll be sending over a rant or two as well. 

Check out the trailer below. Lewis Black: The Rant is Due premieres today, 4/20, on Audible.

Feel like your head's ready to explode? Let the master take over. In Lewis Black: The Rant is Due, an exclusive new Audible series, the caustic comic performing rants submitted by fans.

Submit your rant here: