Woo-oo! Watch the First Episode of New Ducktales for Free

Disney's DuckTales reboot premiered over the weekend, and it is a wonderful continuation of the original. The changes are all for the better; while the animation technology has advanced tremendously since the original show ended in 1990, this is not cheap CGI. Rather, it is an evolution of the wonderful storyline and a deeper dive into the characters, even as it pays homage to the works of the great Carl Barks, who wrote the definitive Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics from 1942-1966.

The voice cast is stellar, particularly David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck. His passive aggressive reunion with Donald and the nephews encapsulates their relationship, and his attitude, so perfectly, in the span of just a few minutes and a few lines of sparse, but brilliant, dialogue. In animation it's desperately important to adhere to the storytelling rule of "show, don't tell." DuckTales succeeds here, and over the course of the 44 minute pilot manages to surpass the expectations of even the most diehard DuckTales fanatic.

I can say this with confidence because I am that fanatic. I grew up reading Carl Barks reprints, and devoured the original DuckTales. Whether you're discovering the series for the first time, or holding it to a lifetime of high standards, DuckTales does not disappoint. For this diehard fan, it is an absolute joy. 

Disney XD has made the pilot available online for free, so enjoy your reunion with Uncle Scrooge, Donald, and the triplets.