Skywalker Rising

Star Wars Episode 9 has a new title, and a new trailer! You can watch it here:

The trailer raises many questions, not the least of which is it’s very curious title, suggesting that Rey’s secret heritage may finally be revealed. But she’s not alone - Kylo Ren has his lightsaber back, and perhaps his helmet, too! Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker is giving her guidance, though perhaps as some disembodied Force spirit, or through teachings which he’s written or recorded for her? Mark Hamill himself warns of Star Wars fatigue, and has some less than kind things to say about the current state of LucasFilm, on the Hollywood Reporter’s 'Awards Chatter' podcast:

Disney is clearly in agreement with Hamill on this, as Bob Iger's Disney Plus announcement also included a mention of, after closing out the Skywalker Saga with this movie, putting the franchise on hiatus, or taking a pause - various euphemisms, all with the same point: we're going to go dark for a little while, to regroup and reset, and give moviegoers some time to miss us:

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