Disappointment: Apple, Shazam and a Rough Couple of Days

It’s been a rough couple of days, for several reasons, a couple of which I need to vent just a bit: Apple’s support of it’s own products: iMacs, and iCloud, is so utterly incompetent and disinterested that I can’t help but wonder why they’re branching out into streaming, gaming and news while their actual computer business is essentially an empty shop in which someone forgot to turn off the lights.

But as disappointments go, Apple has nothing on Hellboy - well at least Milla Jovovich and Mike Mignola are standing by this steaming heap, which is kind of admirable but also a bit pathetic and more than a little arrogant - we know we did a great job, it’s every single reviewer and audience member that failed to grasp our genius! I am in agreement with them that this will one day be a cult classic, but not for the reasons that they think it will. Think Rocky Horror, or better yet The Room.

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