Swamp Thing Cut Short - Trouble at DC Universe?

Swamp Thing’s first season is still set for a May 31 premiere on DC Universe - however, it’s been abruptly cut short from 13 episodes to 10, and different reasons for this have been cited by different sources. Some say it’s a matter of creative differences, while others think that it’s a matter of Warner Bros. preparing to launch their own streaming service, and as owners of DC they may be preparing to scrap DCU and absorb its programming.  Personally, I don’t thing those reasons are mutually exclusive, and I actually think it’s a combination of the 2.

As for my current take on DC Universe? I love Doom Patrol, but I sort of hope that Warners does absorb the service. It is simply too light on content for me to recommend, although it’s always possible that their upcoming shows, including the truncated Swamp Thing, could change my mind. The very short teaser trailer shows us very little, but what there is looks pretty cool: https://youtu.be/5GbHFliGbPM

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