Veronica Mars Trailer - Neptune Needs a Hero

Because we fans now have the mixed blessing of getting everything we ask for, Veronica Mars is returning for an 8-episode run on Hulu, a 4th season airing just 12 years after season 3!

I am honestly thrilled at the prospect of returning to Neptune, and of seeing the cast back together, along with newcomers J.K. Simmons and Patton Oswalt. The trailer makes it look as though the danger is great, and the stakes are high, which always makes for compelling television, and was one of the things I loved most about Veronica Mars’ first run on television.

I only hope that - in light of how Arrested Development’s return went so wrong, and - controversial opinion warning - The Twilight Zone isn’t really lighting my fire - that the dearly missed Veronica Mars doesn’t have the Pet Sematary effect: “sometimes dead is better.” 

I am hopeful, and excited, for the return of Veronica Mars. Catch it when it premieres on Hulu July 26, and check out the trailer here:

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