Tom King Departs Batman at Issue 85

Tom King had just told the Hollywood Reporter that Batman #85 would herald a twist that would "change the character for a generation” - a change which would unfold over the final 15 issues of King’s run - when word abruptly came down that, instead, King would depart the title at issue 85, as opposed to his original planned 100-issue arc.

I hope we get to see what King had in mind someday, and I hope for nothing but the best for King. He’s an amazing writer, going through a rough patch that I think could be fixed by the right editor. That said, I’m sort of glad to see someone else take up the reins of Batman’s main title; King’s run was far too decompressed, and relied on every reader reading every single issue. Those and other problems were beginning to manifest in the title’s flagging sales. So, here's wishing the best, for both Batman and the very talented Tom King. Batman, and Heroes in Crisis, are not reflective of the writer from whom I've seen so many flashes of genius of in The Sheriff of Babylon, Vision, Omega Men, and of course Mister Miracle.

So, here's to better things for us all: writers, readers, and even fictional characters.

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