The Week in TV: Swamp Thing and Archer Premieres, Twilight Zone Finale

It's been a busy week for television/streaming shows: Swamp Thing had its series premiere - I like it, and encourage you to try it, but with some caveats which I discuss tonight.  I don't discuss anything that happens on the episode itself, because the Matt Sager Podcast, unless and until it is stated otherwise, is a spoiler-free zone. I will say, that if you are a DC Universe subscriber, it adds value to your membership. It's not a reason to start a new subscription, though. So, good but there's still not a service's worth of programming here.

Archer, meanwhile, premiered it's 10th and apparently final season, subtitled Archer: 1999, on Wednesday. That too was a mixed bag, I didn't love it any more than I have these last few seasons, but if you've been enjoying the different genres explored in seasons 7-9 of Archer, you'll probably enjoy it a lot. It's still a great show, but in my opinion its past it's prime.

And while I desperately wanted to thoroughly enjoy at least one show I watched this week - I'm not looking to be a cranky, negative podcaster - the Twilight Zone season finale was,  in my opinion, the worst of 10 uneven episodes that made for an overall mediocre series.  I'm not sure that this show should return, and it's hard to overstate how much of a Twilight Zone fan I am. I also love Jordan Peele, and so perhaps that's why I am so very irked by this show; it's mediocrity is reflected on it's host and executive producer, and on the original, Rod Serling-hosted, run. Peele and Serling are really dragged into this mess for the finale, a shocking piece of self-congratulatory writing and hopefully a swansong for this iteration of the Twilight Zone. 

So no spoilers, and precious little in the way of compliments, on tonight's show - but I hope I can help by simply being brutally honest. With the exception of Twilight Zone, I can at least recommend most of the shows I discuss tonight - but with caveats, which I discuss. 

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