Swamp Thing Actor Discusses Cancellation

DC Universe briefly flirted with Swamp Thing, their third original show. In doing so, the streaming service was finally adding content and working towards building an app/streaming service with a bit of actual content. However, DCU only got 4.5 million over the legal limit in tax breaks to shoot in North Carolina. They thought thy could ill-get even more gains, and so rather than wait and give the series a shot, DCU has taken their ball and gone home. As for the actors, writers, directors, the cast and crew that thought they had a job?

Nope, they just packed up their lived and moved to North Carolina for nothing, for DC Universe to cancel it just six days after the well-reviewed, fun to watch, pilot. But having seen one episode, who’s going to stick around for a lame duck show that will end with a ton of plot threads and incomplete character arcs? I will, I guess, but the trust that DC has severed here - from its customers to the talent and creative team of Swamp Thing - is gone. As, I suspect, will DC Universe be in the near future. It’s bee a year and there’s barely any content, half of it is terrible - I’d be very surprised if we don’t see DCU shut down, and move it’s content over to the as-yet unnamed WarnerMedia streaming service. Hopefully the WB might recognize the good in Swamp Thing, and resurrect the show. I don’t really know that they are planning such a move, and I have no idea whether the cast and crew would sign up for this craziness again.

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