About That Angel 20th Anniversary Reunion

Way back in April, I was hearing (and reporting - https://anchor.fm/mattsager/episodes/Joker-Trailer-Has-Arrived--Also-Happy-Birthday-to-RDJ--and-Angel-Anniversary-Reunion-Rumors-Persist-e3lhfg) rumblings about an Angel 20th Anniversary from David Boreanaz - which is ironic, as you’ll learn from tonight’s podcast. You’ll also learn that a reunion is indeed in full swing, with the cast reuniting for an Entertainment Weekly interview and photo shoot, and most of them convening right here in New York City for NYCC 2019!

Check out the Angel Investigations gang in the current issue of EW: https://ew.com/tv/2019/06/20/angel-reunion-20th-anniversary

And here's some more info on the NYCC reunion panel: https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/angel-celebrates-20th-anniversary-with-nycc-panel

As a fan, it’s great to see the show come to get the respect it’s always deserved, in part because of what a massive influence it, and many of Joss Whedon’s other creations, have been so incredibly influential. In a lot of ways, Whedon has made an impact on the world so seismic, it has finally caused the world to catch up with the brilliance of his creations - granted, it took 20 years, but still. Progress is progress, and I’m very excited to see James Marsters, Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, J. August Richards and Charisma Carpenter at NYCC in October. Yeah, you might have noticed one name missing there - not a typo. Everyone who the show is NOT named after will be appearing at NYCC. That’s alright, David Boreanaz is probably going to be too busy spending that sweet Bones settlement money (https://anchor.fm/mattsager/episodes/No-Bones-About-It--Fox-Is-Screwed-e3lhg3/a-af2pro) to attend. I’m sure that he’ll be there in spirit.

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