The Week in TV: Swamp Thing and Archer Premieres, Twilight Zone Finale

It's been a busy week for television/streaming shows: Swamp Thing had its series premiere - I like it, and encourage you to try it, but with some caveats which I discuss tonight.  I don't discuss anything that happens on the episode itself, because the Matt Sager Podcast, unless and until it is stated otherwise, is a spoiler-free zone. I will say, that if you are a DC Universe subscriber,  it adds value to your membership. It's not a reason to start a new subscription, though. So, good but there's still not a service's worth of programming here.

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Legion Season 3 Trailer! Plus, Marvel Announces Release Dates of Next 8 Movies.

The trailer for Legion’s third and final season is up, and it looks like the underrated marvel mutant show is going out with a bang Highlights of the trailer are an appearance from poppa Charles Xavier, and David taking Cerebro for a spin. And some important questions are raised - is time travel possible, ethical, and smart for David to be attempting? For that matter, is David really the hero or the villain of this story? Check out tonight’s podcast, and watch the trailer here:

Legion season 3 premieres on FX June 24.

Plus, Marvel has announced dates for its next 8 movies, after the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. No other information, like which movies these will be, but based on hints - and what we know of Marvel’s recent cinematic announcements like the development of an Eternals movie, and business moves like Disney’s acquisition of Fox, let’s speculate! Send my your thoughts and guesses: email, call (646) 535-4788, or listen to the end of tonight’s podcast for more ways to get in touch with me.

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Episode 100 - Oscars are Officially Host-less, Plus News About Comics Coming to (and Leaving) FX

We’ve made it to 100 episodes! So pardon my voice, but I’m working through a cold - and, I think, using what might be the last few words I have left before losing my voice - because I just felt a need to celebrate, and to thank you for all you’ve done to make these first 100 episodes so special. Brace yourself for another 100, and please let me know if you're enjoying these nightly shows, or if you prefer a weekly format, or a few times a week, etc. Contact, call (646) 535-4788, or listen to the end of the episode for more ways of getting in touch with me.

Following up on a recent episode of this podcast (, ABC has officially confirmed that the Academy Awards will have no host for the first time in 30 years, and if you want to get tangled in logic knots, you can read the hilarious take on this disaster as a great thing, a huge victory even, from ABC Entertainment president Karey Burke. Yeah, the last time we tried this it was a huge success, nothing embarrassing in the 1989 Oscars at all!

But really, if you want to follow along with me from just one bit of that disastrous show that I play tonight, you can find "The Stars of Tomorrow," which the Academy believed in 1989, hindsight being 20/20 and all that:

Plus, one of my favorite series is about to air it's last season on FX - but the network has also picked up a new series that promises to be amazing: Y The Last Man! If you're unfamiliar with this brilliant series, you buy it in paperback, hardcover, or digital for ComiXology here (affiliate link):

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