David Harbour Speaks out on Hellboy

Hellboy is ending its run theaters, not with a bang but with a whimper to the tune of $40 million worldwide. By contrast, the movie cost $50 million to produce, not including the expenses of marketing and promoting the film. So, between that and the dismal reviews, this has been a loss all around.

Hellboy star David Harbour is finally speaking out about the film, which was said to be fraught with production issues including numerous personal battles between Harbor and director Neil Marshall, which included such fun as Harbour walking off the set in frustration, and rewriting his own scenes - also, one assumes, in frustration. But Harbour is keeping things very classy, and in fact a bit confusing as, to avoid burning bridges, he sort of blames it all on Marvel movies being the gold standard for all comic movies, an argument with a lot of holes which I discuss - but then Harbour goes into a whole weird rap about flavors of chocolate, and I sort of think he may be getting distracted and hungry. All this and more, on tonight’s steak and ice cream, I mean Matt Sager Podcast!

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Swamp Thing Cut Short - Trouble at DC Universe?

Swamp Thing’s first season is still set for a May 31 premiere on DC Universe - however, it’s been abruptly cut short from 13 episodes to 10, and different reasons for this have been cited by different sources. Some say it’s a matter of creative differences, while others think that it’s a matter of Warner Bros. preparing to launch their own streaming service, and as owners of DC they may be preparing to scrap DCU and absorb its programming.  Personally, I don’t thing those reasons are mutually exclusive, and I actually think it’s a combination of the 2.

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Disappointment: Apple, Shazam and a Rough Couple of Days

It’s been a rough couple of days, for several reasons, a couple of which I need to vent just a bit: Apple’s support of it’s own products: iMacs, and iCloud, is so utterly incompetent and disinterested that I can’t help but wonder why they’re branching out into streaming, gaming and news while their actual computer business is essentially an empty shop in which someone forgot to turn off the lights.

But as disappointments go, Apple has nothing on Hellboy - well at least Milla Jovovich and Mike Mignola are standing by this steaming heap, which is kind of admirable but also a bit pathetic and more than a little arrogant - we know we did a great job, it’s every single reviewer and audience member that failed to grasp our genius! I am in agreement with them that this will one day be a cult classic, but not for the reasons that they think it will. Think Rocky Horror, or better yet The Room.

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Hellboy Panned by Critics

I often wish that I weren't correct, particularly when the film adaptation of a comic favorite looks terrible - as in Neil Marshall's reboot of Hellboy. The original films, directed by Guillermo Del Toro and starring Ron Perlman and Selma Blair, were groundbreaking, loyal to the source material, visionary, and fun! The new version is - not that. It's currently vacillating between 10-11% on Rotten Tomatoes, where reviewers are just pounding poor David Harbour, who is used to much better treatment in the press do in large part to his excellent performance on the Netflix hit Stranger Things.

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